Basic Rates and other Info

I live in the north end of Hagerstown, just off north Potomac Avenue. My rates are mileage-based from this starting point.
Each BASIC visit is approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length, and includes routine items such as giving food/water, playtime/petting time, cleaning litter boxes/other pet waste, short walk/outdoor potty time, etc.
Each LONGER visit approximately 30 to 45 minutes will include all of these as well, with a bit more cuddle/play/walk time for those extra-needy or senior critters and larger or more energetic dogs.

BASIC visit: $15 per visit
LONGER visits: $25 per visit
Anything OVER 15 miles from my home: additional $5 per visit

Important Note: As of January 1st 2019, I prefer to NOT offer overnight stays, unless it is absolutely necessary, but this may change at my discretion/depending on need.

* Dog walking: same rate as basic visit rate (per walk – approximately a 15 minute walk/outing, depending on the size and needs of the dog; additional charge if a longer walk is needed, or I will be walking more than two dogs at one time)

* Administering regular medications (includes giving insulin): no charge with pet-sitting service
* Administering subcutaneous fluids: $20

Included for FREE in ALL sitting services is: feeding and watering of pet, mail and newspaper pickup, watering indoor and outdoor plants (within reasonable amounts), cleaning up animal waste/litterboxes as needed, alternating lights/blinds, key pickup/return, and initial consultation. If you would like me to keep your key for future sitting services, I keep it in a locked box in my home office at all times it is not in use. I am more than happy to send text/Facebook/email updates as often as you like, including cute pictures of your pets!

Note: Rates are subject to change with larger amount of animals, more detailed or difficult work assignments, or at discretion of business owner.

Short notice/emergency fee: $25 (less than 72 hour notice)
Returned/bad check fee: $25
On major holidays, there is ONE extra visit charge for the DAY OF the holiday only.

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Venmo, PayPal.

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