Happy 2018!

I am able to start accepting new clients at this time. A few things to keep in mind:
1. I only take on jobs that are less than 15 miles one way from my home on South Potomac St in Hagerstown.
2. My rates are mileage-based. Please check my basic rates page for more information.
3. I do not accept bookings for major holidays LESS than one month before the holiday. I have clients who book me for their travel nearly a year in advance!

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At this time, I am no longer accepting any NEW clients. I have a great bunch of current clients, with amazing pets, and I don’t want to jeopardize the ability to give them the best care possible by over-extending myself. I hope to be able to take on more clients in the near future, but it will definitely not be until sometime in 2018 if at all.

I will not be doing any clients further out than 15 miles radius from my home after January 1st, 2018. Again, I must make these changes to give myself the ability to serve my current clients to the best of my abilities and not run myself too much.

I do hope that everyone understands this.

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Happy 2017!

Lots of changes for me this year, so have had to pare down a little bit on some things. New items of note are as follows:

1. I am no longer accepting any new clients more than 20 miles radius from my home. It is no longer financially feasible to offer this distance.
2. I am no longer able to offer overnights, unless I have already agreed to make an exception for you, you are an established client, or it is absolutely necessary.
3. There is now a calendar on the home page where you can see if I am unavailable for your chosen dates. If a date is marked unavailable, please contact me anyway as I may have a backup for those dates and can help you after all! The contact form is directly to the right on main page.

I look forward to continuing to serve my wonderful clients and welcome some new ones this year! Thanks!

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New Year, New Stuff

Just an update on my new items I have added this year.

I now will be charging an additional $50 fee for anyone who attempts to book me less than one month before any major holiday (Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years), so that I may hopefully have time for enjoying those holidays myself. As long as you book early, you are fine, and no fee will be incurred.

I am hoping to try to get my own vacations, and therefore am asking all my clients to book me in advance for as many times as they will need me, so I can plan accordingly. I am already booking into 2017, so get yours in now!

I am also tossing around the idea of hiring on a part-time employee, but that is still in the planning stages.

The rates page has been updated with new rates reflected. I am planning to add some new photos to my happy clients page soon.

You can always book me via the “Contact” button to the right of the page (which doesn’t show up on phones, sorry). You can also contact me through Facebook at www.facebook.com/MinxPetCare. You can review me or read my reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List.

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Booked Up – Happy Holidays!!

I am now completely booked up through January 6th 2016. I will be glad to book you and your pets at any time after that. Many of my established clientele books me for their trips for months or a full year in advance! It helps me plan, and is greatly appreciated.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season and many blessings in the coming Year!

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You can review us on Yelp!

Here is the link to check out to read reviews of me as well as review me yourself!

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Happy September! Lots of news!

I am just checking in to let you know I have updated my rates again, and those can be viewed on my “Basic Rates” page. Also, it has been an incredibly BUSY Summer for me, and it’s looking like my Fall will be pretty busy too. Guess that’s a good way to stay in business though, right?!

I am currently nearly booked up in September and October. I still have a few openings in November, but Thanksgiving is VERY busy already (thanks to some GREAT repeat customers)! I am even starting to book into the Christmas and into the new year! Book me now so I can get you on the calendar.

You now have the ability to review me on Yelp as well as on Angie’s List. I have some great reviews already. Check it out!

I look forward to seeing you all soon and taking care of your wonderful critters. My 5 cats thank you for continuing to use my services so they can eat better than I do! Ha!!

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More pet pics added!

I added a bunch more pictures of my happy critter clients. Take a peek – it’s not just dogs and cats! I also take care of fish, reptiles, rodents, goats, chickens and other fowl, mini-horses…just call me Dr. Doolittle haha!!

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And my busy season has begun!

I have had a busy April (as usual). I am almost completely booked in May, though I do have a few open days still.
I am already booking up pretty solid for July, have some booked for June and August as well!

If you need me, better book me soon!

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Happy New Year!

I have been doing this business FULL-TIME now for 3 years (part-time for the 14 before that!), and it just keeps building and getting better. I am booking up for February and March already. I have one client that has already booked me for all her trips the rest of this year! That is wonderful!

I have to change my rates a little bit, due to the ever increasing cost of doing business and driving anywhere. Those new rates will be reflected on my basic rates page.

I am hoping to add some more pictures of clients as well soon. It is difficult to get some of them to hold still long enough though!

I hope to help you and your friends and family with their pet-sitting needs this year. Be warned though: BOOK EARLY! I am going to actually try to get a vacation or two of my own sometime this year!

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